Stop the spread of
Aquatic Invasive Species

Stop the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species

Prepare yourself for a smooth experience by following these steps before and after launch.

Utah’s scenic waters provide recreational enjoyment for boaters year-round. Before launching your vessel, make sure to get familiar with the rules and requirements of boating in Utah, and help stop the spread of invasive quagga mussels.

Remember: If it floats, it’s a boat!

The Culprit

Boat motor encrusted with quagga mussels

The Culprit

Mussel infestations in Utah lakes

Quagga mussels form dense, destructive colonies that encrust almost any underwater surface. Newly hatched mussels are microscopic and can attach to your watercraft in as little as a day! They can easily be transferred to other waters without boat owners even knowing that these tiny but incredibly destructive mussels have hitched a ride.

The Damage

Destroy fisheries
Pollute shorelines and beaches
Damage boats and equipment
Cost millions to control

The Solution

Clean all plants and mud from your boat, trailer and equipment
Drain: eliminate water from bilges, ballasts, live wells and engines
Dry: allow boat to completely dry before launching in other waters